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Plan Ahead: Upcoming Holidays

  1. Holiday Calendar:
    • View the comprehensive holiday calendar with the list of upcoming holidays observed at our hospital.
  2. Public and National Holidays:
    • Find the dates of public and national holidays that are recognized and observed by our hospital.
  3. Festival Holidays:
    • Check the holiday schedule for major festivals celebrated in our region.
  4. Hospital Closure Dates:
    • Get information on any planned closure or non-working days of the hospital.
  5. Emergency Services During Holidays:
    • Understand the arrangements made for emergency medical services during holidays.
  6. Appointment Rescheduling:
    • Learn about the process for rescheduling appointments that fall on holidays.
  7. Holiday Reminders and Notifications:
    • Sign up for holiday reminders and notifications to stay updated on any changes or important information.
  8. Plan Your Visits:
    • Use the holidays list to plan your visits to the hospital for non-urgent healthcare needs.