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Navigating Insurance for Your Health

Insurances we are accepting at VIRRD Hospital:

  • Star Health : In all acceptable services.
  • Aarogyasri & EHS services are available in Orthopaedics, Urology and Dialysis.
  • Additional Insurance Resources:
    • Discover additional resources, such as government programs or assistance schemes, that can help with healthcare financing.
    • Explore options for supplemental insurance coverage or health savings accounts.
  • Contact Our Insurance Helpdesk:
    • If you have any specific insurance-related queries or need assistance, reach out to our insurance helpdesk.
    • Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to guide you through the insurance process and address your concerns.
  1. Understanding Insurance Coverage:
    • Learn about the different types of insurance plans and coverage options available.
    • Familiarize yourself with terms such as deductible, copayment, and network providers.
  2. Accepted Insurance Providers:
    • Check if your insurance provider is accepted at our hospital.
    • Verify the coverage details and any specific requirements for utilizing your insurance benefits.
  3. Insurance Verification Process:
    • Find out the steps involved in verifying your insurance coverage at our hospital.
    • Understand the documentation required and the timeframe for the verification process.
  4. Pre-authorization and Pre-certification:
    • Learn about the importance of obtaining pre-authorization or pre-certification for specific procedures or treatments.
    • Understand the process and how it can affect your insurance coverage.
  5. Billing and Claims:
    • Get information on our billing procedures and how insurance claims are processed.
    • Understand the responsibilities of the patient and the hospital in submitting and resolving insurance claims.

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