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The operation theatre facility at VIRRD Hospital is designed to provide a safe and efficient environment for surgical procedures. Here are some key features and highlights of our operation theatre facility:

  • Sterile Environment: The operation theatre is meticulously cleaned and maintained to create a sterile environment free from contaminants. This helps prevent the risk of infections and promotes better surgical outcomes.
  • Advanced Equipment: The operation theatre is equipped with state-of-the-art surgical instruments and equipment to facilitate various procedures. This includes surgical tools, anesthesia machines, imaging systems, and monitoring devices to support the surgical team during procedures.
  • Surgical Team: The operation theatre is staffed with a skilled and experienced surgical team, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and technicians. They work collaboratively to ensure the smooth execution of surgeries and provide optimal patient care.
  • Safety Measures: Strict safety protocols and guidelines are followed in the operation theatre to minimize risks and ensure the well-being of patients. This includes maintaining proper hygiene, using sterile supplies, adhering to infection control practices, and implementing emergency preparedness measures.
  • State-of-the-art surgical equipment and instruments for precise and efficient procedures.
  • Advanced anesthesia machines and monitoring devices to ensure patient safety during surgery.
  • High-definition surgical imaging systems for clear visualization and accurate diagnosis.
  • Modern operating tables and positioning devices to optimize surgical access and patient comfort.
  • Cutting-edge laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgical tools for less invasive procedures.
  • Sterile and specialized surgical supplies, including drapes, gowns, gloves, and masks, to maintain a sterile environment.
FAQ's With virrd

Unveiling the Answers: Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose VIRRD Hospital for your healthcare needs ?

At VIRRD Hospital, we prioritize your well-being by providing exceptional medical care, state-of-the-art facilities, and a compassionate team of experts.

How can I contact VIRRD Hospital for appointments or inquiries ?

To schedule appointments or for any inquiries, you can reach VIRRD Hospital at +91 8374445108 or +91 7901695176, or contact our landline at 08829-271176 or 08829-271177.

What are the specialized medical services offered at VIRRD ?

VIRRD Hospital offers a comprehensive range of specialized services, including orthopaedics, nephrology, pulmonology, anesthesiology, general surgery, urology, general medicine, dermatology, pediatrics, and more.

Does VIRRD Hospital accept health insurance plans ?

Yes, VIRRD Hospital accepts a wide range of health insurance plans. We strive to ensure that our patients can receive quality care with the convenience of their insurance coverage.

What are the visiting hours at VIRRD Hospital ?

At VIRRD Hospital, we welcome visitors during our designated visiting hours, which are 24/7. We encourage you to check our website for any updates or changes to visiting hours.

Best Hospital in Dwaraka Tirumala ?

VIRRD Hospital is widely recognized as the premier healthcare facility in Dwaraka Thirumala.