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Restoring Health and Promoting Well-being : General Surgery

As a general surgeon at VIRRD Hospital, I have dedicated my career to providing compassionate and comprehensive surgical care to patients. In this blog post, I want to shed light on the field of general surgery, its significance in healthcare, and the positive impact it has on restoring health and promoting overall well-being.


  1. Overview of General Surgery:
    General surgery encompasses a broad range of surgical procedures that focus on the abdominal organs, including the digestive system, thyroid, breast, and more. It plays a crucial role in diagnosing, treating, and managing various conditions and diseases affecting these areas.
  2. Expertise in Surgical Techniques:
    As a general surgeon, I am trained in a variety of surgical techniques, including minimally invasive procedures and traditional open surgeries. This allows me to adapt to the specific needs of each patient, ensuring optimal outcomes while minimizing discomfort and recovery time.
  3. Common Conditions Treated:
    General surgeons address a wide array of conditions, such as appendicitis, hernias, gallbladder diseases, tumors, gastrointestinal disorders, and more. By employing advanced diagnostic tools and surgical interventions, we aim to alleviate symptoms and improve patients’ overall health.
  4. Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Care:
    General surgery often involves collaboration with other medical specialties. We work closely with physicians, radiologists, oncologists, and other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive and coordinated care to our patients, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
  5. Patient-Centered Approach:
    At VIRRD Hospital, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of our patients. We understand that surgery can be a stressful experience, and we strive to create a supportive environment where patients feel heard, informed, and involved in their treatment decisions.
  6. Focus on Postoperative Care:
    Our commitment to patient care extends beyond the operating room. We provide thorough postoperative care and guidance, including pain management, wound care, and rehabilitation, to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal long-term results.


As a general surgeon at VIRRD Hospital, my primary objective is to restore health and enhance the overall well-being of my patients through advanced surgical interventions and compassionate care. From diagnosis to postoperative care, our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of surgical expertise and personalized attention. If you have any concerns or require general surgical evaluation, I am here to provide the support and guidance you need on your path to recovery.

Feel free to schedule a consultation or reach out with any questions you may have. Together, let’s embark on a journey toward improved health and a better quality of life.


Dr. Konijeti Purna Sudha Gayatri
MBBS, MS (General Surgeon)
VIRRD Hospital